A napkin holder seems like a simple enough thing, unless you don’t have one

A napkin holder seems like a simple enough thing, unless you don’t have one

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Most have a napkin holder in the middle of the table for home meals, but remove them for more formal meals when they may be using cloth napkins. This is something that was always done in my family, and those napkins were always there for just about anything you could think of. They were used for wiping up spills, cleaning a window, blowing a nose, or for a quick face cleanup on kids. That made the napkin holder probably one of the most used things in the kitchen.

What I have found with my own napkin holder is that I tend to use it as a spot to keep things that need immediate attention. If I have mail that has to go out, I stick it in the napkin holder. I suppose I could get something else for this very purpose, but what is the point? I usually end up with less room for my napkins, but the important things always get taken when they are there. I have also used it for coupons for upcoming shopping trips, and forms for school that need to be filled out and sent back quickly.

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Perhaps the best thing about a napkin holder is that it does not have to cost very much. You can get decent ones for just a few dollars, and considering how useful they really are, that is one of the best deals going. You can usually find them in wood or in a variety of colors to match your décor, and they are small enough to put away for more formal meals. If you only find ones that look rather cheap when shopping, don’t be afraid to look online. You may find the perfect one there, and it might even come in a very neat set of the holder and some other items that you might need in your home.

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